The Detox Diet to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast in 2016

dr oz detox diet plan
Dr. Hyman Reveals His 2-Week Gut-Check Plan

If you’re asked what the secret to weight loss is, some of you might answer vigorous work out sessions and some of you may say crash diets. But the truth is something different entirely.

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The key to weight loss is patience, endurance, determination and dedication. With the combination of these 4 essential qualities, you’re bound to reach your goal weight. The thing about weight loss is that there exist a hundred different ways of doing it. So which one would be right for you?

Lose Belly Fat naturallyObviously, you should be going for the program that allows you to lose weight the healthy way. Detox is now emerging as one of the most popular ways of losing weight now.

In a February episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz invited obesity expert and famed author Dr. Hyman to share his opinions about this detox diet.

Dr. Hyman has penned down this amazing 10 day detox diet which apparently helps people lose upto 50 pounds in ten days.

Dr. Hyman believes that in order to lose weight, one needs to replace all the unhealthy food in his body with healthy ones- hence, the need for detox. He said,

Over the last decade, we’ve learnt that sugar and refined carbs are essentially as addictive as cocaine”

In fact, he went on record to say that not only overweight people, but also the “so called skinny people” might be sick, metabolically speaking. He says that you’ll understand it yourself when your body needs a detox.

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You would start feeling sick and uneasy overall; if that’s what you’ve been feeling or if you’ve noticed eruptions on your skin, or if you’ve put on some weight over the holidays, it’s probably time to embrace the 10 day detox diet plan.

These are the following things that are included in Dr. Hyman’s detox diet;

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1) You must avoid all kinds of processed foods.

Process Junk Foods
Source: Diethealthmag

We all have a tendency to gorge on canned food items or take a bite of salami when we’re hungry. These taste good, so why not, right?

Wrong! They might make you feel good, but they’re causing irreparable harm to your body.

Not just these ten days, you should avoid processed foods as much as possible.

2) You must avoid all food items that have sugar in any form.

Molasses, honey, agave, artificial sweeteners, and maple syrup you name it! All these are to be avoided at all costs. In fact, if you have a weakness for sodas and sweet drinks, it’s better to get them out of the way lest you have a weak moment.

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3) Hydrogenated oils or even your refined vegetable oils must be avoided.

Yes, that includes soybean and corn. Now you might say that soybean is suggested by most nutritionists, but it really would do you more harm than good.

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4) Glutens, flours and grains- these need to be eliminated too.

GlutensAnything made of flour like bread contains carbs. Same goes for grains, these would contain a minimum amount of calories.

Glutens are nothing but pure fat. You consume them and they straightway accumulate in your body as fat.

5) Avoid dairy, legumes, alcohol and caffeine.

Caffeine is highly addictive. And let’s not forget, it’s not exactly healthy. You might say you drink a cup every day and you’ve not noticed any ill effects. But caffeine would simply be adding toxins to your body.

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If you’re on a detox diet, the whole point of the diet is to get rid of anything harmful in your body and replacing it with good, nutritious food items.

6) With all this out of your diet for good, you must be wondering what’s permitted.

perfect dietDr. Hyman has the perfect diet for you. Whole and fresh food items are what he recommends.

You can even go for plant based foods like some seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

If you’re planning to consume proteins, make sure they’re of the best quality. Eggs, poultry, fish are all permitted in limited quantities. Organic food is always better; for example, if you’re going for beef, make sure it is grass fed.

Dr Mark Hyman Detox Smoothie

Dr. Hyman advises the users of this program to start the day with a high protein shake that would kick start their metabolism and detox them from within.

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Here’s the recipe he provided – mix 1/2 cup of fresh and frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup of frozen cranberries, 1 tablespoon of almond butter and 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds hemp seeds each.

To that add, walnut, avocados, coconut butter (raw) and half a cup of water. Along with his detox diet, Dr. Hyman has even suggested that the users should use a few supplements to hasten the process. These are;

  • fat burning ingredientsKonjac Root Powder– This also known as glucomannan. It is a kind of soluble fiber that lacks glutens, calories, starch, proteins, fats or even sugar.All it does is keep you full for a longer period of time and curbs your hunger. Naturally, you aren’t able to eat more than you require.

  • Chromium – While it might surprise you, chromium has actually been found to have a tremendous impact on your sugar level. There’s a reason behind Dr. Hyman’s suggestion, he believes that reducing sugar levels in blood would have a direct impact on weight loss.

  • Fat Blasting Probiotic– There exist certain probiotics like lactobacillus gasseri which can melt your belly fat, improve your metabolism, reduce inflammation, block fat production and so on.

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How 10 Days Detox Diet Plan Works?

Dr. Hyman makes detox appear all so simple! When asked in an interview about how to know if your body needs detox from such unhealthy foods, he said that it is what he calls “feel like crap syndrome”.

Detox Diet Drinks for Weight Loss
Source: Watchotc

In other words, you will feel sick and uncomfortable all over. Mood swings, acne, illness, frequent headaches, sluggishness, sugar cravings, sinus- he listed these as just a few symptoms which show that you need detox.

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The thing about the ten day plan is that it understands how the body works. If you think of your body as your computer which needs formatting, then like a computer your body needs to shut down to start all over again.

Unlike computers, our bodies usually take ten days to complete this process.

It alters brain functioning in such a way that you’re cured of your food addiction since the hunger hormones are shut off. At the end of the ten day detox diet, not only will you lose weight but also feel much better.

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Just because the plan is for ten days doesn’t mean that you can’t do it any more than that. The detox diet is only meant to give you a head start, something to motivate you with and to show you what you’re capable of.

If you go back to your unhealthy ways as soon as you finish with the program, you’ll regain the weight you lost. Even after the plan is over, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep an eye on what you put inside your body.


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